How this started

I had an idea about a book that would be a travelogue about cinemas around the world.  I had some interest here and there from boutique publishers, but no track record or distinguishing talent as a writer (clearly), and let's face it, the world of publishing is, shall we say, challenged these days.  Travelogues sell, but those centered around food were more commercial, for instance, than something tailored to the freak set who would rather visit a tiny cinema in an alleyway than a museum or a four star restaurant.

The idea would be that every year I would release a book about a new city, telling the story of the historical or independent cinema in these cities a cinephile might visit if she was so inclined.  Classic case of writing a book one would want to own.  As far as I know, nothing of the kind existed.  Fame and fortune, therefore, awaited me.

Not so much, of course, so I went the D.I.Y route, with this blog.  While I am not not entirely sure the entire vision isn't skakey, I would like to extend an invitation to all of those of you out there who might have something to contribute.  Not the least of the challenges in my book idea were the simple logistics of producing a book per year about the cinemas of the cities of the world on a budget best described as making Roger Corman blanch. 

But it is more or less free to publish online.  And I would love to see your contributions, whether humble or grandiose.    The idea would be a site that would be a reference for cinephiles around the world who find themselves in a strange town who are inextricably drawn to the cinema when common practice would indicate they should be moved otherwise.  

It was always the intention of this piece that it be personal, rather than strictly informational, in nature, so if you would like to talk about one cinema in some city, your home town or not, where you broke your cherry, so to speak, it is all good and, glory be to the Blogosphere, publishable. 

So shoot me a comment or an email if you have something you would like to add.

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