Cinephile Taste Test, Part 1

Wherein you must not only understand the reference, but give the CORRECT answer to qualify.
  • Brian Cox or Anthony Hopkins?
  • The Clouzot or the Friedkin?
  • The Friedkin or the Boorman?
  • Pre Double Life of Veronique or post?
  • The first Man Who Knew Too Much or the second?
  • Pre The Fly or post?
  • High Noon or Rio Bravo?
  • The Nyby/Hawks or the Carpenter?
  • Sarris or Kael?
  • Shock Corridor or Shutter Island...or both?
  • Pink Panther or The Party?
  • La Strada or Toby Dammit?
  • Jesus Franco or James Franco?
  • Seven Year Itch or Lord Love a Duck?
  • The Apartment or Kiss Me Stupid?
  • Wild River or Streetcar Named Desire? 


Lisa said...

i can't figure out how to take this test, surely not paper and pencil? clicking something?

Rusty Queen said...

Leave your answers in the comments.

Jake said...

I'll bite. In order:

Cox, Friedkin, Friedkin, pre, the second, post, Rio Bravo, Nyby/Hawks, Sarris, Shock Corridor, The Party (just), La Strada, James, pass, The Apartment, pass.

Rusty Queen said...

Correct, correct, incorrect, correct, correct, correct, correct, incorrect, correct, correct, correct, incorrect, incorrect, wimpy, incorrect, wimpy. But very well done!!